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The Heights, Michigan, United States
I tutor Paint Shop Pro basics for digital scrapbooking. I also teach classes on creating various mini scrapbook albums, such as chip board mini albums, paper bag mini albums. Some are kits and others are "create here then design at home" I also create special order die cuts, such as sports, dance, holidays etc... and custom (just ask me). I also teach some special techniques on paper and ribbon flower making and cover designs for your mini scrap book. If you have a interest in any of the above please contact me via email: DoreeVann1@Gmail.com

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The die cuts on my blog site are all done in black for contrast. $2.00 each (add .50 shipping and handling)In your email specify the die-cut and color you want. .
(DoreeVann1@Gmail.com) - subject line type in (ORDER) at the bottom of this die cut area click on ADD TO BASKET and once the pay pal goes through I will custom cut your order and ship it right to you right away.